Gratuitous Get Rich Quick Scheme

I’m sure you’ve all been exposed to those infomercials and websites telling you they are going to give you their secret way to get rich. After all, they obviously (or not) are now rich themselves in some insanely short amount of time, doing nothing, but some simple scheme, that even you can do, they want you to be rich too. And then there are dozens of examples of people who have used the method this guy or gal used, and now they are rich too! You’d be crazy to miss this opportunity. Right?

Ok, so a good friend of mine got into one of these things called “eMobile code” and while the video he watched (I watched it to) was very good at showing you how easy it was, all you have to do is clone the 50 business he gives you for free, and you’ll be getting 100’s of dollars a day posted to your clicksure account. In fact he went out and met folks and using an iPad and 3 minutes of their time he cloned 5 of his business for the folks he met, then bought them lunch or a few beers, and 3 hours later they had hundreds of dollars in their clicksure accounts.

Now the reality. So my friend signed up and paid the $50 for 24/7 tech support of his new “Free” venture, and after 3 days he hasn’t figured out how to make it work. So I told him I’d look at it and see what I could do. A couple of hours into it, I still can’t figure out how to make it work, but I know it has something to do with links, and affiliate sales. So I figured  I’d put some links in a blog post to see if we can get rich!!

So please, click on these links, and sign up for a free get rich quick plan, so that we can start making real money. 🙂

eMobile code

Mobile Money

Millionaires Club

Commission Killer

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Negative G